District Priorities

  1. I hear you on No Crematorium in Govans! I will work with Councilmember Mark Conway and the city council as well as the Baltimore delegation.
  2. I hear you on No Hopkins Private Police! In 2021 , the repeal HB336, sponsored by Delegate Julian Ivey of Prince George’s failed in committee. Antonio Hayes, a Baltimore Senator (D-40) sponsored SB793 Only Boyce, Mosby, Lewis voted against. The September 22 mtg. was blocked by protesters. Draft MOU of Hopkins Private Police partnership w/ BPD https://publicsafety.jhu.edu/assets/uploads/sites/9/2022/09/BPD-JHU-MOU-09.19.2022.pdf https://www.jhunewsletter.com/article/2019/04/governor-hogan-signs-hopkins-police-bill-into-law

3. Tenant Rights – Tenant Holding Over

4. Repeal At-will (campaign issue)

5. Curb preditory practices re: Storage facilities (particularly Public Storage but others.

6. Codify Abortion in MGA 2023.

Email your concerns: friendsofrenaudbrown@gmail.com

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